Wednesday, June 9, 2010

DIY Project

Hi all,I offer simple service like modding of car and motorcycle.

**With efffect from 19/11/2010 all HID product come with 6 month warranty!! =)
**New pic of HID 12K installed on an CB400S1. 18/11/2010
**New pic of HID 10K installed on an CB400S3. 18/11/2010
**Pivot volt stabilizer installed on an VFR800ABS. 29/10/2010
**New pic of HID 12K installed on an CB400S3. 23/10/2010
**Pivot volt stabilizer installed on an CB400S3. 19/10/2010
**Pivot volt stabilizer installed on an R1. 17/10/2010
**New Ceramic Thermal Warp. 09/10/2010
**New Stainless Steel Zip Tie. 09/10/2010
**New pic of Pivot Volt Stabilizer. 09/10/2010
**New pic of HID on a Cs3. 04/10/2010.
**Pirelli Angel St tyre review on 30/09/2010.(scroll all the way down for the review)

**New item added on 15/09/2010.
-Blinking vtec indicator light
-Radiator fan indicator light.

**New item added on 25/07/2010.
- HKS 5 Point Grounding Wire.
- Pivot MegaRaizin. (purple)
- Pivot Raizin Volt Stabilizer 82%. (blue)
**New picture added on 21/08/2010,scroll all the way down**

30CM LED strip.
-can cut to any length you want.
-can choose from 6 different colour.
-water resistance.

White LED.

Green LED.

Red LED.

Blue LED.

Yellow LED.

Turquoise LED.

Blinking Vtec Indicator light.
Radiator Fan Indicator Light
-Red/Blue/Dark Blue/Green/Orange/Yellow/Rainbow
**In the bottom pic,it the one with the orange colour light.

HKS 5 point ground wire.
-Red/Blue/Lime green/Purple

Pivot MegaRaizin.
Displaying two types of voltage, both real and Lowest Voltage (world first) at engine start makes it easy to see battery life and loss in battery performance. This also helps to protect against trouble caused by shortages in voltage to various electronic devices.

Pivot Raizin Volt Stabilizer 82%.
• Increases Torque at Low and Middle Speeds
• Stabilizes Idling and Improves Engine Kick-Over
• Improves Engine Response
• Increases Headlight Brightness
• Improved Fuel Economy
• Improved Battery Life
• Improves Audio Quality

Replica Exhaust Silder.
-Any colour you want
-S/M/L tubing sizing.

Adding LED onto car grill.

Custom Speedo & Techno needle colour.
-any colour of your choice.

Red colour speedo & techno needle.
HID converter Kit.
-Available, h1, h3, h4, h7, h8
4300k, 6000k, 8000k, 10000k, 12000k
-slim bulb
-normal size ballast(not those slim type)
-wire harness,socket and connector.
-Hi/Low beam(High=HID,Low=halogen) or Low/Hi beam.

For those who need the colour chart.

HID H4 12000k on a Super4 Vtec3.
(Low beam)

(High beam,HID)

NEW pic added on 17/06/2010
HID H8 12000K on a Toyota Camry 2.0
NEW pic added on 09/07/2010
HID H4 12000K on a CB400 Vtech 2.
Low Beam:High beam:Added on 22/07/2010
HID 12000K on a Honda NT650!
Low Beam:
High beam:

**Added on 04/10/2010
Wicked looking cs3 with HID 12000K!!

**Added on 11/08/2010**
Toyota Camry 2.0 with HKS 5pts grounding kit and Pivot MegaRaizin!!

**Added on 12/08/2010**
RVF with dual HID H4 12000K.

Added on 21/08/2010
Cb400 with HID H4 6000K
**HID on an CB400S3.Nice Full System! 24/10/2010
Taken with an DSLR,hell sure look nicer!! =)
**Added on 19/11/2010.
HID H4 10000K on an CB400S3.
**Added on 19/11/2010.
HID H4 12000K on an CB400S1.Ahh~ I miss my old Micrcon!

Here are my review on the new Pirelli Angel St tyre. 30/09/2010
Ok,got this brand new set of rubber for a week or so now.On the day where i mount it on my bike,i went for a test ride as the sun was scorching hot!.Going from one end of Singapore to the other,at the same time "running-in" the tyre.Both front and rear am using 37PIS.I must say,it feel damn good when cornering,as if the bike was asking to Go lower somemore!!It so smooth when cornering that you might forget that is going off course.Like in one of the bent,as i corner and looking out for traffic that is merging into my lane.The next thing i know is my tyre was nearly next to the yellow line but countering it back was a breeze.But the downside is when,heavy traffic and you need to go slow and cut vehicle.Going in and out of traffic was quite hard.As i make minor adjustment when going in and out of traffic,the bike seem to have a reversed effect.Then unluckily it started to rain or i should say luckly?As the rain get bigger,i started to slow down abit during corner.After 2 corner i feel the tyre grip during the wet,so i started to push the tyre alittle more.Like how i ride during a hot day,i do the same on a raining day!But now am using front 34PIS and rear 36PSI.It improve much on the slow speed range and cutting in and out of traffic and the feel of cornering is still there.Maybe i will head down to the track to test it further.As for the wear and tear,since the tyre is like 2 weeks old,i got nothing much to say about it.Will update as the time fly by.
So am giving this tyre a 2 thumbs up!!

*New Ceramic Thermal Wrap. 09/10/2010

*Stainless Steel Zip Tie. 09/10/2010

*Pivot Volt Stabilizer on a CB400!Smoothness is the way to go!! . 09/10/2010
**Pivot Volt Stabilizer on an R1. =D 17/10/2010
CB400 spec3 with Pivot Volt.19/10/2010
Honda VFR800ABS.

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